Monday July 7, 2024 8:47 pm

Dear Computer User,

Nick & Jeffrey here!
We're 2 of the guys that brought you:

**** Easily Embarrassed ****

You can click if you like.
It's awesome music!
Be sure to check it out some time! :)

With our new project "Retro Brothers",
we're now in the business of writing
music for gamers, coders, artists,
movie makers, you name it.

You can license our music, but we're
also listing our work with Spotify,
Apple, Amazon, Google, etc.
So you can enjoy our new work next to
our previous EE output...

With this homage to LPC, we add that
you may have noticed that we're
pretty good typists, but we're still
better at the synthesizer than at
the typewriter ^_^

Signing off with love,
Your friends Nick & Jeffrey